Intergalactic Alignment

We have come to the beginning of the age of the Galactic, time and space are being dismantled, and we are becoming multi-sensory. In these times there are other needs and there are many that have spiritual crises.
We feel that something is not enough, that the life of the five senses no longer gives a full feeling of completion and that we want to see what we really are about and how we can find true happiness. People are asking themselves deeper questions and wondering what the meaning of life is, and why it doesn’t fulfill on a basic level. These questions have great consequences, people are putting out a resonance into the world that brings with it insights and change. Though change doesn’t seem easy, and one would sometimes like life to change for them.
It takes a lot of courage to really change ones life, and to stand in this change for a longer period of time, afraid to loose what one has, and for the consequences this change brings into ones personal life. But to actually see the change happen, one has to step out of a certain way of thinking and be courageous enough to cease betraying yourself.

It is time we put out our messages into the world and be courageous in sharing. It is time to celebrate our place here on Earth and connect to that which is bigger than ourselves.

I have written a book over three years ago which i am finally ready to put out into the world. It still needs some work, but my wish is to share it, and with that my higher truth, hoping to connect to a group of people who can find themselves in and through these texts that have been given to me while I was ten days alone in a cabin in the mountains (Hardanger Vidda) of Norway.

Now it seems as if there is yet a new movement within me, and I feel it is if as being connected to an intergalactic web, where the multi-sensory is touched upon, and my antennas have been stretched out and activated. I want to share the information that comes through me, and connect to other souls within this intergalactic web. There are many seeds planted and who knows how they reach out and grow, it is nice to have a reflection in the world around and be of service and guidance when needed.